Tomorrow Come Today

Here Comes Hope

When liquid meets levee

When water meets wall

When God and Mother Nature disagree

Is when Louisiana’s siren sounds its last call

When hope starts to rust and decay

When skyscrapers and smiles are submersed far below

When memories are flooded and forever washed away

Is when our flag’s true colors start to show

Where was the help when the hurricane hit home?

Where was the president when his people were in poverty and pain?

House all of the homeless in the Superdome

Shelter the citizens from a truth that we can’t explain

Where are the Hornets and Saints going to play?

Where are my family and friends?

Tragedy was not supposed to strike here today

The S.O.S we will still send…but aid won’t arrive till after the angels ascend

…Forever washed away….forever washed away

Tomorrow came today…tomorrow came today…

When ocean meets tears

When tsunamis meet shores

When hopes are replaced by fears

Is when bodies are buried at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico’s floor

When the color turns to gray

When strong turns into weak

When the aftermath is despondently put on display

Is when the world starts to turn the other cheek

Where was the support when Katrina struck New Orleans?

Where was our leader when America was on her deathbed?

Eyes should never have to see these shocking scenes

There is not a band aid big enough to conceal the wretched wounds from the day the beautiful Bayou bled

Where are the children going to play?

Where are the dreamers going to dream?

Catastrophe was not supposed to come today

The prayers we will still send…but they won’t be answered till after the Devils descend

…Forever washed away…forever washed away

Tomorrow came today…tomorrow came today…

…the angels ascend…when will it end?

…the devils descend…it will never end…

…Forever washed away…forever washed away

Tomorrow came today…tomorrow came today…

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