Bleed Black

…On the outside, everything appears to be exactly the same

They look just like you and me

Shrewdly selling their pseudo souls to forge their feigned fortune and fame

But don’t be fooled so easily…

Wires for veins

Computer chips for brains

Realistic, rebellious, romantic robots that rampage the world without a single care

Manufactured, mechanical, malicious mannequins that murder your deepest desires and dreams…then tragically transform them into terrifying nightmares

They scream silent sounds of surrender inside while to their most devoted followers and fans they pretend that everything is fine

They shed an ocean of oil as toxic tears pollute the planet while accepting their atrocious awards

Living this beautiful life of lies in luxury while floating on that oh so corrupted cloud nine

Hoping that no one ever discovers their satanic secret and pulls the cord

The contaminated crash test dummies of California continuously come full circle and in their craniums they crash their contemptible, crude cars

Only to simply put the disposable, perfect pieces back together again

Signing their numbers of a name on the dotted line to the Devil as black blood pours from their celebrity scars

The wretched time for wicked redemption is merely a matter of when

Bulletproof skin

Metal will always win

A never-ending android attack

The once red carpet is now blemished black

…On the outside, everything seems to be identical and fine

They’re a mirror’s reflection of you and me

Sinning with a smile as they tell us their blood is as red as wine

But appearance is often the exact opposite of reality…

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