When I Turn on my TV

Here Comes Hope

...Sit back and let me tell you all of these sadistic things that I see

Each and every time I turn on my tainted TV...

As soon as I hit the power button, I see the Devil staring straight back, welcoming me to what I have shamefully become

Lately it seems that staring straight at this screen for even a simple second is twenty-thousand times more painful than staring straight into the shinning sun

Good morning America...but goodnight to all the founding principles that this now corrupted country was built upon

Infinite reruns of sappy soap operas and sitcoms that the satanic serpents selfishly cash in on

Series after series of these so called "reality" TV shows that couldn't be any more fake

Livid, loquacious leaders projecting their pseudo plans for perpetual peace...more chaos and bloodshed is all they make

Predators and pedophiles caught on camera in the midst of their atrocious acts and cowardly pleading the fifth

Big black mommas with tremendous titties bouncing around desperately attempting to find their baby's daddy so they can collect countless child support....damn girl, can't you remember who you even slept with?

West Virginia rednecks marrying their sisters and then cheating on them with their cousins or dogs...well, at least they keep it all in the family

Manufactured middle class media for the mechanical mannequins forcing themselves to fit into malodorous mold of the bourgeoisie

Starving children in Africa begging for just the crumbs of our contaminated crap while the next channel is showing gluttonous slobs stuffing their faces in a hot dog eating contest

Evil assassins in the oval office getting away with murder while once innocent allies become scapegoats and are placed under arrest

Countless game shows where random people win millions of dollars for answering elementary school level questions while the rest of society relaxes in front of the idiot box...because we are too tired from working to the bone for every hard earned penny that we make

Beverly Hills bleach blonde bimbos boisterously living their luxurious lives like living is a some sort of carefree piece of cake

And now family videos have been replaced by scary movies and pornos

Endless infomercials have eliminated any remaining educational and interesting shows

MTV is brainwashing the world by cramming catchy and crappy pop into our ear

Our own miserable mistakes and poisonous problems come in crystal clear

And now the 40 year old virgin has become the 41 year old whore

Once you finally get something amazing once, you'll just keep wanting it more and more

The planet pushes that power button and pleads for peace while praying that this is only some sort of an eyes-open-wide nightmare of a dream

All I really ever see in my mind are the splendid shades of gray as sempiternal static is spontaneously smeared onto the suicidal screen

Right before I turn the TV off, I see Jesus staring straight back at me, and with a red pitchfork puncturing His side...He promises me everything will be alright

As long as I forever leave that monitor illuminated and follow the synthetic light

...Lay down in your coffin couch and numbly witness this traumatic tragedy

Our own Armageddon is all we see superimposed on the terrible TV...

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