The Only

Here Comes Hope

Am I the only human being that has lost all hope

Of one day waving that white flag high in a dove infested sky?

Am I the only lone wolf screaming on the side of the mountain’s steep, sharp slope

And not a single ear out there can hear my excruciating battle cry?

Am I the only person on this polluted planet who is still fights with frozen fists in the midst of global warming

Still shivering to the silent sound of surrender while the rest of society stalwartly sings suicidal songs of salvation on the sun?

Am I the only character continuing to claim my uniqueness and individuality in a tainted time where thousands of traitors and turncoats are squeezing their skeletons into unbendable, indistinguishable molds and tragically transforming?

This whole world once was outrageously overcrowded with intelligent, intellectual individuals owning open and optimistic minds…but do I know exclusively possess the only one?

Am I the only Homo Sapien who isn’t homophobic

And admires the idea of Queens among queers and having a fag as a friend?

Am I the only innocent angel who isn’t afraid to ascend the steps alone to the pearly gates using the Devil’s walking stick

And loudly knock on Heaven’s heavy door hoping for His arms to open and everlastingly extend?

Am I the only creature who continues to not crawl on the crowded streets of corruption

And chooses to travel on the path less traveled by instead?

Am I the only preacher who persists to peacefully pray among the disheartening debris of disorderly disruption

And swallow the lies while mechanically munching on our daily bread?

Am I the only saint surviving in a civilization suffocated with scapegoats and sinners

Where betraying brothers rebuff their justifiable blame?

Am I the only joyful and loveable loser in a land of wretched, washed up winners?

When it comes to the wicked game of war, not a single warrior will ever heroically hold a trophy up and win the grotesque game

Am I the only human being that still has some hope

Of one day flying that freedom flag way up high?

If you feel as if you are an only also, then step out of the shadows and sever yourself from the rapacious rope

And let us learn how to freely fly as we flap our wings of wax towards each horizon in the hawk-infested sky

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