Me, We

Here Comes Hope

I am September Eleventh; I am New Year’s Day

Discarded and abandoned like a playground in the dying days of December, just looking for one person out there to join my side where the icicles and swing sets spontaneously meet

I am a turtle flipped on its shell in the middle of the road in the middle of a rush hour tragic traffic delay

Helplessly stuck in a stalemate and slowly, but oh so surely, sinking in corrupted quicksand mixed with concrete

I am a defenseless donkey sadistically being strangled to death by the tremendous trunk of an egotistical elephant

But this puny pony will someday grow into a determined darkhorse and escape from the Devil’s diabolical grip

I am a miracle child that the doctors said my slim chances of being born were at about only two percent

Now I tell the world my inspiring story of survival by bleeding black blood on white lined paper from a pen’s trustworthy tip

I am a debased dove thrown to the polluted pavement like a clinging clay pigeon protesting peace

A helpless hunter covered in honey hibernating in a bear cave

I am a freebird restrained in rusty chains in a crowded cage by the president’s personal police

The nimble, yet naïve non-narcissistic entity slave

I am a feeble forlorn freedom fighter forfeiting my unfortunate future while waving “farewell” to forever

A malodorous fly hovering above feculent feces

I am a cowardly, complacent, craven raven or crow, yet an eager eagle seeking a new wind in wonderful weather

One of the last surviving special specimens of an endangered species

I am a flat tire on a deserted street in the heart of a hydrating desert

And of course your car doesn’t have a spare

I am cast out like a homosexual with herpes hooked on heroin and hundreds of horrible hated habits that hurt

Fixing my unblinking eyes straight on the closest star to Earth and by no means surrendering my stare

I am a betraying butterfly with wounded wings of wax and a bloodstained bullet for a body

A malicious moth flying way too close to the synthetic streetlamp sun

I am a shy shark swiftly swimming away from a gracious goldfish attached to a shiny, sharp silver key

Patiently waiting for the celebrated cycle to come full circle and start anew again at square one

I am a pauper

I am a prince

I am a porn star

And the attractive artist formerly known as Prince

I am a pedophile

I am a priest

I am a president for the people

Simply to say the least

I am a penny

I am a piano

I am pessimist

Refusing to ever settle for an answer of “no”

I am the predator

I am the prey

I am a poet

And not afraid to show it

And the world better damn well know it

starting today

I am you

I am me

I am we

We are free

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