The Wings of a Letter "Y"

Here Comes Hope

…Throw away the cogent keys to our claustrophobic cages while we painfully swallow each atrocious excuse and alibi,

Scream the silent sound of surrender as we sadistically shoot our emaciated arms out like the wings of a letter Y…

“A” is for “atomic” and “B” is for “bomb”; put the two together and wretchedly witness this tag team of tragedy freefall from the hawk infested sky,

“C” is for “corruption” and “D” is for the “dove” the innocent ears of enemies hear in the distance unleashing its delicate and contaminated cry.

“E” is for “everlasting” and “F” is for “fear”; add one plus one and the sum equals the world becoming forever afraid,

“G” is for our “government” and “H” is for “hero”; our pseudo saints in office continue to conquer and kill with consequence on this corrupted crusade.

“I” is for “innocent” and “J” is for “justification”; the livid leaders always persist to harm humans that have never even committed a single sin,

“K” is for “kill” and “L” is for “life”; as long as this country carries on to be a walking contradiction, the wicked war we will never win.

“M” is for “mannequin” and “N” is for nuclear”; plant the chips in the back of our minds and marvel as us unwired robots drop bombs of betrayal on every building and home,

“O” is for “omega” and “P” is for “poison”; drink the tainted wine and become America’s next corrupted clone.

“Q” is for “quicksand” and “R” is for “redemption”; the more you squirm and try to escape, the quicker rescue and recovery will be just out of arm’s reach,

“S” is for “salvation” and “T” is for “tragedy”; when the president presents his promising proposal for peace to his people, someone should suggest to him, “Please, Sir…practice what you preach”.

“U” is for the “undertow” and “V” is for “venomous”; the diabolical Devil of devastation and destruction dances in infernal flame as He has us struggling and gasping for each precious breath while we’re engulfed and swallowed alive by the violent and satanic sea,

“W” is for “Washington D.C.” and “X” is for “x-ray”; look beyond the skin and search inside the blunt box…isn’t reality such a shocking, sickening, shameful, and scandalous sight to see?

“Y” is for “ying-yang” and “Z” is for “Zeus”; God Himself continuously causes chaos on the crowded crossroads by chucking lighting bolts from cloud nine…causing us to constantly crash our cars, but the black will eventually be washed away by the white and malevolence will, in due course, be erased and replaced by tranquility and peace,

Society will slowly be put back together like a puzzle piece by piece with the help of the peace police…forcing the fighting and friendly fire to decrease, permitting prosperity and the beautiful bliss to increase, and lastly, allowing all of the animosity in America to ceaselessly cease.

…Rip these handcuffs of hostility and hatred off of our feeble wrists and flap our once wounded wings freely like a dove as we soar towards Heaven and attempt to touch the sun shining so bright in the baby blue sky,

Sing the sweet, succulent song of salvation as we spread our melting wings of wax out like the arms of a letter Y…

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