Here Comes Hope

I sit at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean

Wondering who is on the other side of the world doing the same

I spread my broken wings out towards the horizon

Attempting to reach out and touch someone in England or Spain

I wonder who else is out there

If there's any right one person for me

This Romeo will not rest until his heart is beyond repair

Desperately searching through every city, state, and country

I examine and study every enormous map

Trying to figure out which highway will guide me to a happy heart

Stuck in a traffic jam in this emotional trap

My soul mate might be the girl next store or perhaps we may live millions of miles apart

To yesterday I wave "goodbye"

Deciding to bury the past today

I look above to a gray, sunless sky

As to myself I silently say:

"I want to start over

Where no one knows my face

Find a four leaf clover

In a blissful field full of grace

Get out of New Haven

And move somewhere new out west

Fly freely like a raven

And build myself a brand new nest

Maybe I'll camp in Colorado

I can't keep Arizona off my mind

Follow where the wind blows

Till my soul mate I finally find"

...Escape to Ekalaka...

I climb atop the highest pinnacle of the Appalachian Mountains

Pondering where those ants below are going and where they possibly came from

I wish for just one peek to see what's beyond the horizon

To reach out and touch the clouds and the sun

I wonder if anyone's listening

If someone out there can hear the lone wolf's cry

This Rapunzel will not retire as long as the sun keeps glistening

Aimlessly soaring towards salvation in the shimmering sky

I skim through the addresses in the telephone book

Rummaging through names without a body or a face

Nothing more than a feeble fish who foolishly fell for the betraying bait and hook

Pull me out of the water and reel me in to run this relay race

To today I say "sleep tight"

Opting to venture on the less traveled route

Staring at the illuminating moon tonight

As to the world I fearlessly shout:

"I want to start anew

Where nobody knows my name

Unleash myself from this zoo

No longer trapped in this betraying game

Every mile I will measure

Every tale will be told

Find a buried treasure

And swim in a sea of silver and gold

Maybe I'll sprint straight to San Diego

Some palm trees for a change would be nice

Sway wherever the breeze blows

Gamble away and roll the dice"

...Escape to Ekalaka...

"I want to find a true love

My partner in Cupid's crime

Fly freely like a peace dove

Forever float and cuddle on cloud nine

I'm sick of the sunrise

I want to see a sunset

Go and win my prize

Place my chips on the table and place my bet

Move out to Montana

Sever the strings on my confined kite

Escape to Ekalaka

Think I'll pack my bags and leave tonight"

...Think I'll pack my bags and flee from this trap tonight

Think I'll reach out and seize the stars tonight

Think I'll go to the other side and say "hello" to the sun tonight

Think I'll go out there and find my true soul mate tonight...


...Escape to Ekalaka...


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