Camera Obscura

A Scar is Born

...A corrupted camera lacking a loquacious lens and forfeiting its feeble flash cannot be capable of creating an image in disgusting disguise,

The toxic tears fall like acid rain from the shimmering sky as we tragically trace the satanic silhouette we see with our own two eyes...

There's no need to adjust the aperture or alter the shutter speed,

What you see is what you get.

Society screams the silent sound of surrender as the president plants the Devil's Tree's satanic seed,

Our failed attempts for freedom we will woefully act out and the unstable stage has already been set.

Our sins are shadows on the crumbling wall and they showcase a suicidal scheme so superficial and shallow,

The sadistic serpent of sacrifice endeavors to trick this tiny town into purchasing a poisoned apple from the brainwashed branch.

It's such a sad, sad shame that this terrible treachery Jesus would justify and actually allow,

Rescue and recovery are beyond repair as an army of rapacious Republicans reside on the ravenous redemption ranch.

The winners and liars write the History books, no matter how inaccurate and contaminated its chapters may be,

The losers and truth tellers wretchedly witness the wicked witches erase reality and observe veracity be buried into the past.

Gaze through the peeping hole and our opaque Armageddon is what we're dreadfully forced to see,

To our pencils and hope we painfully, yet heroically, holdfast.

Swastika shaped scars are forever engraved onto our sliced and burnt skin,

A unique exception where appearance and authenticity appear to be accurately exactly the same.

The boulevards and buildings are painted with bloodstains before the betraying battles even begin,

A dystopian view of our frigid future is proudly on display underneath shattered glass in a fractured frame.

Climb aboard our tainted time machines and rapidly rewind back to 1984,

Barricade Heaven's heavy door while our ocean of acid tears begin to flood freedom’s frigid floor.

The glass is smashed to smithereens, but the image is currently a little clearer,

We finally find the evil enemy as we silently stare into the mannequin mirror.

The city streets unleash yet another battle cry as society gives birth to a brand new permanent scar,

Place on the innocent prisoners and paupers a stained yellow star to show the world who they truly are.

Fate and faith forever fade away as Hell's once hottest layers begin to freeze,

We fall to our wounded knees and pray for forgiveness while posing for the camera and feigning a simple smile with a gun to our heads...forcing us to say "cheese".

...A candid camera without a disposable battery or special effects cannot be blamed as a scapegoat for attempting to alter and conceal the lies,

The tip of my livid log of lead breaks, but the picture sketched from a camera obscura is no different than the awful reality we see with our very own eyes...

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