Gray Day

Our hearts are black

The sky is gray

An emotional attack

On this Depression Day

The rain falls fast

Acid seeps through the skin

The cycle is everlast

Salvation is a satanic sin

Achromatic rainbows of hope

Bluntly shine over the hopeless hills

Put a gun in one hand and in the other a rapacious rope

But it's the malicious mind that always corrupts and kills

We shelter from the rain

Using a tainted tree as an umbrella and a shield

There are no placebos for the pseudo pain

Redemption will always yield

Our lies are white

The clouds are gray

A wingless flight

On this Devastation Day

We weep and pray

Under the Devil's Tree

Freedom flags begin to forfeit and fray

Tragedy and travesty falls on thee

Cry an ocean of tears

Reserve a table for one

Gather up all of your deepest nightmares and fears

Its sum is the size of the sun

To forever we wave "farewell"

Burying tomorrow today

The sun disappears at the crack of a betraying bell

Leaving us alone to suffocate under the sky on this day of gray

Gray Day



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