America Astray

A Scar is Born

The more we look

The less we find

Blank pages on a bloodstained book

Terminate our toxic thoughts and brainwash the mechanical mind

Landmine chests and hand grenade hearts

The ignited wicked wick will detonate the destructive dynamite in due time

Delicate dying dove from the sky perpetually plummets and depressingly departs

Red wings of failed redemption offer evidence for this corrupted crime

Street lamps are shot out with a sawed-off shotgun and the sun spontaneously combusts

The silent sound of surrender is vaguely heard over the horizon and hills of hope at night

Bodies of unknown soldiers decompose and decay as their dog tags deteriorate and begin to rust

The battlefields of betrayal are such an atrocious and suicidal sight

The tainted traffic lights are red but the citizens ignore the tragedy and turmoil

Chaos is created on the crowded streets as we collectively crash our gas guzzling cars

A satanic seed for a poisonous plant is vigorously buried alive into the frigid soil

A brand new scar on society is born as from the threadbare flag we viscously rip off the fifty sadistic stars

Shut the blinds and barricade the door

Frown as we forgive and smile as we sin

In the grotesque game of combat and war

No one will ever hold a trophy up high and celebrate a triumphant win

Study the map and traverse the trail

The president promised us that everything would be okay

Listen to the leaders' lies as our freedom flags forever forfeit, fray, and fail

America has annihilated our only aspirations and allies, eternally leaving us unaided and lividly leading us astray

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