The Day Before Tomorrow

Here Comes Hope

A frigid fire burns through the middle of Manhattan

And freezes the future while melting memories of the past away

Treachery and tragedy will take their toll tomorrow

Wishing the world could spin in opposite orbit and correct the regrets of yesterday

The skyline is shining bright with lies tonight

When the sun comes up, the truth will be revealed at the break of day

Covering the deception up with a counterfeit assembly of vivid lights

Illuminating color into a city that only knows of gray

The sirens sound their surrendering call

These misleading lights we follow have left us lost and blind

But we still stand as the buildings fall

Moving forward with those that have been left behind

Scorching snow falls upon the skin of New York City

And sets our sisters ablaze while burying our brothers far, far below

Karma will come around and claim its victims without warning

Sweeping up the sinners and suffocating them to perpetual sleep in the undertow

The East River and Hudson are overflowing with tears tonight

Forever flooding the city of suffering streets, the city of sleepless souls

Trying to swim against the currant with all my might

As I follow friends and foes that I will never know

The ocean swallows its entire prey in one piece

The questions are always there but the answers we may never find

But we still stick together as everything starts to crumble piece by piece

Moving forward with those that have been left behind

And with broken lungs I start to breathe again

And with stitched shut eyes I start to see

And I can’t wait for the night where I can put down the gun and pick up the pen

And I can’t wait for that day where I can say “hello” to the open road and wave “farewell” to the statue of liberty

And with broken bones I start to march on to destinations unknown

And with dying dreams I still decide to give my goals a try

And I can’t wait for the night where I no longer wander around the city of sleepless streets, the city of suffering souls

And I can’t wait for the day where I get to scream at the top of my lungs “Bye-bye city, bye-bye”

Bye-bye city, bye-bye

Bye-bye city, bye-bye


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