Fire on the Moon (wake up call to the world)

Here Comes Hope

…Lights out…

Take merely a few microscopic moments to rest your weary arid eyes for once, and open up your inattentive ears and mechanical mind

…Clap on…Clap off…

For we’ve become too lazy to complete such simple tasks ourselves, like flip a switch, or clean the bloodstains off the knife, or take the blame

…Lights out…

Your electricity bill has probably skyrocketed as tall as a skyscraper prior to tragedy time anyways

Having the tainted television, corrupted computer, malicious microwave, and diabolical dishwasher all on and running simultaneously to the beat of your own mechanized muscles and oil-infested heart

…Lights out…

What kind of lessons are we teaching our youth?

How are our children supposed to develop simple motor skills when face to face human interaction and communication has become obsolete?

What will our babies’ first spoken words be?

Slowly, yet so surely, mechanical has been replacing muscle

Oil has been replacing blood

But a robot will NOT play catch with your son and take him to Little League practice

A mannequin will NEVER accompany your daughter to her senior prom, or be the bearer of her children

…Lights out…

But don’t point the finger so quickly

(Unless you’re currently inhabiting in a house of mirrors)

For you are the ones who would rather

Go to the car wash and have Pablo and Jose slave over your sedan for spare change

Than simply turn on the hose and spray your automobile yourselves...

Use the self check out at the local grocery store rather than interact with a high school drop out, pregnant cashier…

Rather drive through the drive thru than order inside…

Questions such as, “Paper or plastic?” and “Would you like fries with that?” will become extinct like the dodo bird in the blink of an eye

…Clap on…Clap off…

You are the ones who leave your bathroom sink running like a waterfall of white water rapids while brushing your teeth

While starving and thirsty children in Zimbabwe and Zaire would kill for just one sip from your toilet bowl

Never mind the people in Africa…

Your own neighbor would sell his pauper’s soul for just the crumbs of your croissant

But you do not consider him to be your neighbor, because he does not own a house near your home

In fact…he doesn’t reside at an address at all

He merely lives under the flickering street lamp at the corner of Gray Street and the edge of Autumn

Playing his out of tune guitar and begging for food or shelter on Christmas Eve

But you simply beep your horn and swear at him as the water from the puddle you drove over soaks his shoes and frostbitten skin

Because he is selfish in your eyes

And why should you help someone that you don’t even know?

Your money must go towards better, more important things

Like the new Play Station 3 that costs 600 bucks for your 6 year old son

Or that glistening Tiffany’s princess cut diamond ring that costs 7000 dollars for your 17 year old daughter

(For she refuses to wear cubic-zirconium or anything inferior than what she truly deserves)

You can spend your life savings away for things that people don’t need

But can’t manage to give up a penny for things that people cannot live without

You can splurge each Benjamin in your bank to buy all of the toys and treasures in the world

But you can’t take your unwanted neighbor to the Golden Arches to order a single item off of the dollar menu

Or you can’t even toss your leftovers out the window at him

You fail to bother to even ask him, “Do YOU want fries with that?”

…Lights out…

We live in a society that would rather

Watch the movie than read the book

That would rather use an elevator instead the stairs

That would prefer to be stuck in traffic beeping their horn than take the route less traveled by

...9 to 5.....9 to 5....

We sin under a sky that makes us believe the moon actually possesses it own light

That it never steals the glow from the sun at night

They tell us as they point the guns to our heads that everything is going to be alright

We worship in a world that would rather swallow a pill than swallow its own saliva

That would rather sell its soul to Satan for eternity than go to Church for just one hour a week

God’s house can’t even afford the electricity bill anymore.

…Light’s out…

We live in a world of mass production

Where weapons of mass destruction

Cause tragedy to our country’s continuous construction

We live in a land where we crash our crappy cars on the crowded streets and simply tow them to the junk yard

And then at the next sunrise we arise and purchase a brand new BMW or Hummer

Automobiles are replaceable

Machines are replaceable

Robots are replaceable

Humans are not

People are special

People are unique

People need attention

And stimulation

So go out and play catch with your son

Take him to his next baseball game

Cheer him on even if he strikes out swinging

Take pictures of your daughter all dolled up in her prom dress

Hold her hand as she gives birth to your precious grandchildren

Turn off the computer

Turn off the TV

Shut off the sink

Get up off your ass and actually flick the on/off switch with a frightened finger residing on a trembling hand

Get up on your feet and parade with me

For today…we’ll give that homeless man a five course holiday meal

We’ll read the book first before watching the movie

We’ll liberate a million peace doves in the opaque Iraqi skyline as the final bombs fall to their fatality

We’ll extinguish the flame of the sun and set fire to the man on the moon

Tragedy and turmoil will terminate tomorrow…salvation will surely come so soon

Wave “farewell” to yesterday as we liberate that brave black balloon

…Clap on…Clap off…

...March on…March off...

…Lights out…

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