Republican Reverie (in progress)

Here Comes Hope

Red, White, and Blue are three colors that don’t run

But the sight of these several satanic shades will surely make you run away

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but is considerably weaker than the gun

Colorblind eyes luckily only are forced to see a filthy rag that is black and gray

Ten thousand bombs fall from the sky into the Baghdad night, lighting the horizon up like the 4th of July

Some call it apathy, some call it annihilation…we call it American pride

Then thousand halos fall from the Heavens into the deepest layer of Hell, leaving infinite amounts of angels to silently scream the satanic sound of surrender in the sinful sky

Some call it redemption, some call it resurrection...we call it a wicked world wide suicide

Capital Hill is a long hike from Heaven, but the wars the Devil  declares on foreign Holy soil is closer than it seems

Cupid has at many times missed his mark and now is caged and caught in the corrupted crosshairs

Republican reveries are destroying any Democratic dreams

And tragically transforming them into never-ending nightmares

Blood is thicker than water, but not oil

And black toxic tears spontaneously spill from our arid eyes as we realize the days for destruction are long overdue

Signs of salvation are slipping away as Satan stampedes on society's sacred soil

And with a slithering smile he screams,"The Red, White, and Blue will bruise you too!"

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