Lost and Found

Here Comes Hope

Knock, knock, knock…the door isn’t opening

The moon shines bright and the gates are glistening

In our heads it keeps on thundering

When it’ll stop the world keeps on wondering

Run fast girl, we don’t have that much time

You and me, ourselves we must go find

Running in circles and each other in the spine

Committing this crime as we cross the finish line

…And now we lose ourselves again

The rain it never ends

The sun it never shines

Freedom we’ll never find…

Knock, knock, knock…the door it is opening

The sun shines bright and your face is glistening

In the sky the birds keep whistling

To the songs of salvation, everybody’s listening

Slow down girl, we still have more to see

Me and you, discovering our destiny

In your heart holds that shiny key

The precious gift to set us forever free

…And now we find ourselves again

The rain finally ends

The sun begins to shine

Once lost, but soon will find…

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