January 20th, 2009 (A Holiday of Hope)

Here Comes Hope

Mark your calendars

Take the day off of work

Skip your classes at school

And skip on the streets of satisfaction with me by your side

For we’ve been waiting eight awful years for this optimistic day

Our hearts have been hibernating for so long

We can finally sing salvation’s liberating song

We can at last remove our white flags from our flagpoles in our front yards

And replace them once again with the splendid shades of red, white, and blue

We no longer have to gamble our freedom away and continue to shuffle the corrupted cards

The country can clean up the contamination and start anew

While one man in particular packs his bags and empties his office

We will start emancipating once caged delicate doves and fill the world with peace and love

We don’t care who replaces him…Hillary, Obama,Rudy…Hell…Michael Jackson or Pee Wee Herman for all we care

But just as the sun goes down and the clock strikes twelve, that frigid feeling is once again felt in the air

Just because the man who got us into this mess is now gone, it doesn’t mean that the perplexing puzzle has been entirely put back together just yet

The republicans roll the diabolical dice and painfully put all of their chips on a preposterous bet

Maybe we got a little too carried away…maybe we thought the battles were finally over after all

That was pretty naïve and immature of us…but can’t a dove dream?

In the midst of the cheers and celebrations, some still managed to hear surrender’s silent scream

We lower the American Rag once again at half mass and place the white flag high atop the pole, hoping that someday soon we can truly be free

We close our eyes and smile as we envision and imagine how blissful a Heaven on Earth would be

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