Germans and Jews

Here Comes Hope

Bed in Berlin…but born in Bethlehem

Different flowers…but we all grew from the same stem

The Torah was transformed into Mein Kampf

The Synagogue was converted into a concentration camp

Synchronization is now a struggling and corrupted kulturkampf

Your best friend’s body is now a bar of soap or the shade for a lamp

Dradle, dradle, dradle…they really made you out of skin

Clay was simply a scapegoat that the S.S. sadistically used in an atrocious attempt to get away with the continuous crimes

Setting nine innocent enemies ablaze at a time with their own Menorahs as each betraying branch committed society’s most horrendous and shocking sin

The scandalous scent of pseudo salvation is smelt in the air along with the aroma of animosity all of the time

The silent sound of surrender is screamed inside each gas chamber and acid shower as incalculable shots are heard in the distance and dozens of dying red winged doves fall to their fatality from the sky

Those fortunate enough were forced to starve nearly to death and work...without a the feeble bone

Freedom was forfeited and sovereignty was rapaciously restrained in satanic shackles without even knowing why

Waving “farewell” to forever and forced to accept their unfair fate for reasons everlastingly unknown

But through all this treachery and tragedy and turmoil, some still somehow managed to stay strong and were determined to make it out alive

Here comes hope…so holdfast to your yamika and sprint towards those ascending stairs to salvation like a livid lion

Even if you give up the ghost, your soul is strong and has showcased capability, in any condition, to stalwartly survive

Spread your once wounded wings and fly freely towards Mount Zion

…Let us erase the animosity, put the past away, and simply start anew

Amends will be made as a German will become best friends with a Jew

I’ll wear my Santa Claus hat and you wear your beanie…that’s fine by me

I’ll help you light your nine candles if you help me decorate my Christmas tree

We all believe in the same God…to Heaven we’ll all travel on the same route

You just simply enjoy kosher foods while I prefer sampling some sauerkraut

I’ll attend your Bar Mitzvah if you attend my girlfriend’s sweet sixteen

Let’s finally tear down these barriers and walls and have nothing separating us in between

I’m ecstatic to say that this true German has found an acquaintance and companion in a Jew

I’ve found myself recently both rocking out to Rammstein as well as singing along to Matisyahu

I may never understand your traditions or why your beards must be so long

But that won’t stop me from making sure our alliance eternally stays strong

You may never comprehend why I worship Jesus…but I don’t expect you to

Just as I don’t understand why you don't drink the blood and never eat the body of Christ…cause after all, he was also a Jew

Nevertheless…I apologize for the appalling acts of annihilation of my ancestors…hopefully you can learn to forgive them too

Germans and Jews can be allies and friends forever in my opinion…now it’s only up to you…

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