Entertaining OKCupid Messages #1

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

Me (sending an initial message to a gal on OKCupid whose age range was 33-33 and match percentage barely above 50%):

Only 33 year old men? That's rather limited don'tcha think? Or are you planning to only date guys the same age as Jesus? Lol


I would never date a dude who negged me like you just did. Or someone who uses the word 'Daddy' in their name. I am not your little girl. I assume you will say something about how you were never interested in the first place, and try to devalue me next.


Negged you? I suppose you could put it that way. I just found it interesting that you have only one age down rather than a range like everybody else. No, actually I was hoping for an equally sarcastic reply/explanation. As to the "Daddy" part of my name, that's good to know because I would never date someone who didn't understand (or care to understand) that part of my being. I know you're not my little girl, but being a "daddy" doesn't mean you're a daddy to everyone anymore than being a doctor means you're everyone's doctor. I won't say I was never interested because I hold steady to my standards and beliefs until I'm given reason to abandon them. I can now say beyond the shadow a doubt I am no longer interested, and thank you for that. Devalue you? Never! A pretty girl with a 52% match? I wasn't holding out much hope. I hope you learn more about the kink community and it's many identifying variables (the furry over in the corner isn't your goat either) and that maybe someday you can evolve into understanding sarcasm and gentle (what did you call it?) negging. Good luck on here. I think it's really self aware of you to know exactly the age of the person who will be sweeping you off your feet. Crossing my fingers you don't accidently crucify him first.

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