"When You, I Feel"

by Jeph Johnson


When you I feel, I just become
Immortal on this shuffling coil
When you I touch, my soul succumbs
And gently welcomes less turmoil

When you are near I feel alive
And that's my focus most my days
When you smile my senses thrive
Defying death's distraught malaise

When you dance I serenade
A song like I was half my age
Words poetically displayed
At once upon the page and stage

When you create I'm in awed delight
Amazed by your artistic flair
Tempting fate, I best hold tight
To these adventures that we share

So when I'm gone you'll understand
The magic way you calmed distress
The meaning when you held my hand
The magnitude of your caress

Thank you for hearing all my words
Not just the ones that caused you pain
Apologies are plainly heard
But forgiveness needs not be explained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2021, for Kami

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