"When Damian Lillard Hits a 37 Foot Jumper"

by DaddyO


I used to think
It was a wasted love.

But now I understand
It was just practice.

I was battling
(who should have been)
My own teammate
For a roster spot.

Now the real season
Has begun
And I've multiple

She isn't even
At the end
Of the bench.

She got cut.

She's on waivers;

A free agent
(with a very high
asking price)

"Doesn't sound free to me."

And because of
My practice
(which wasn't in vain)
I have made the playoffs.

I can smell
A championship

For in April
The scent of
A rosebud
Is more pleasing
Than the acrid smell
Of wilted Valentine bouquets

I was so busy in fact
I didn't even see it live
I had to watch
The replay
On YouTube

It happened once before
With joy
Five years ago.
Love felt wasted on her too

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