G-L-O-R-I-A's Amazing Recovery

G-L-O-R-I-A's "Amazing Recovery"


Wisdom From Your This Life Brother and Your Past Life Nemesis: *MISS LITTLE HAVANA*


*REMEMBER ME WITH LOVE* is like putting shoes *ON* a legless man, so take this with a grain of salt (*OK*, maybe that's a *REACH*).  


Please understand, when I want someone to *HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME* or just make out with me, *I DON'T STOP* them anymore.   I truly am *TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL* because *HEAVEN'S WHAT I FEEL*.  I *DON'T LET THIS MOMENT END*...ever!  


Well, unless* WORDS GET IN THE WAY*.  And for the record, in this writing they pretty much will!


When that happens the *MUSIC OF MY HEART* seems to get *WRAPPED* a little too tightly to *MAKE MY HEART GO* the way it needs to.  It really seems as though *IT'S TOO LATE* because love feels like it is held prisoner.  I get down and say release the love but please *DON'T RELEASE ME*!  


Someone I know and trust, who I call my "relationship doctor", makes a practice of really bringing the *HEAT* by driving his points home with bitter *MEDICINE*.  I don't pay him *MUCHO MONEY* because I don't like pressure.  Especially *DOCTOR PRESSURE*.  So he told me gently and with sincerity "*I WISH YOU* knew I would do *ANYTHING FOR YOU*."   


But I really didn't expect the "anything" to be so brutal and harsh!  First he had me *CLOSE MY EYES* and just as I was *COMING OUT OF THE DARK* the *DR BEAT* (I mean really beat) this *PRISONER OF LOVE* *HIGHER* than the highest heavens I was *FEELIN'* when initially *FALLING IN LOVE (UH-OH)*.



*I CAN'T FORGET YOU* have fallen in love before, but not every *REAL WOMAN* speaks the same *LANGUAGE OF LOVE*.  A *NATURAL WOMAN* does not make *LIGHT OF LOVE*.  *HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON*, you ask?  Remember back in 1981 when you were a *LUCKY GIRL* during the Oregon State Beavers *ORANGE EXPRESS* days?  When the chant of "*MAMA YO CAN'T GO* to the final four" was shouted?  Now *LET'S GET LOUD* about something else.  After  being just a *LOVE TOY* in the 1980s, you had *SEX IN THE 90S* when I wouldn't *GIVE IT UP* until much later, even when I had someone to *LOVE ME* and was *BODY TO BODY* *I GOT NO LOVE*!  *NOTHIN' NEW*, I know.  


Back then we both had *EYES OF INNOCENCE*, but if I *THINK ABOUT YOU NOW*, you always give so much of yourself while I just showed mere *TRACES* of effort on the subject of giving.  As is the case with most *PRIMITIVE LOVE* relationships you pretty much live your life for loving him but does he truly strive to *LIVE FOR LOVING YOU* back?  


Ask yourself, *DO YOU WANT TO DANCE* this dance or are you afraid someone is going to *STEAL YOUR HEART*?  Even if *THE HEART NEVER LEARNS*, this is the dilemma your brain must decide upon.  


*SO GOOD*, let's look at what has happened.  It's a *DANGEROUS GAME*, this "boy meets girl" stuff:   Along came him -- *ALONG CAME YOU*.  When you said "*I NEED A MAN*" and demanded "*YOU'LL BE MINE*" did you really just mean "*I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU*" because *IT* *CUTS BOTH WAYS* ya know, like *LOVE ON A TWO WAY STREET*.   You see, to certain types of men, that can sound an awful lot like "*GOODNIGHT MY LOVE*...now *GO AWAY* .  *YOU MADE A FOOL OF ME*."   


I won't bet that always happens *WHEN SOMEONE COMES INTO YOUR LIFE*, but I *BETCHA SAY THAT* to every *BAD BOY* who is *INTO YOU* promising *EVERLASTING LOVE*.    I wish those types of men would just get to the point and *SAY* "*YOUR LOVE IS BAD FOR ME*" but they won't.  *IF WE WERE LOVERS* like in the *MOVIES*, maybe then someone could *MAKE ME SAY YES* to this relationship model.


*IN THE MEANTIME* *ONE NAME* could be preventing you from loving.  It is not someone *FAMOUS*.  And certainly not anyone you can easily *SAY GOODBYE* to.  *I CAN'T BELIEVE* you don't know who it is because *I'VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HIS FACE*.  *I WANT YOU SO BAD* to know. *TIME IS TICKING*...  


*FOR ALL WE KNOW * to these men it's Cupid himself playing these tricks.  Which one is it?  "Cupid made me love you" or "*YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU*"?


We all know given *THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT* that these men *CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM YOU* and, damn it, *YOU CAN'T WALK AWAY FROM LOVE* either!  


What comes around and *WHAT GOES AROUND* as love these days is just crazy!  It's not like he has a *HEART WITH YOUR NAME ON IT*!  


"*HOW CAN I BE SURE*", you ask?  We can't.  But we cannot let that *SEAL OUR FATE* either.  We may be *YOUNG AT HEART* but *TIME WAITS* for no one. There's not *ALWAYS TOMORROW* because *COME RAIN OR COME SHINE* you never know when the *RHYTHM IS GONNA GET YOU* or when *YOUR PICTURE *in that mind of yours becomes blurred.  


The day you say you love the world is also "*THE DAY YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME*!"


So here is the plan to get back on track.  It's as easy as *1-2-3*:  *GET ON YOUR FEET*, *TURN THE BEAT AROUND* and trust in yourself that you will be able to not just show yourself, but to *SHOW ME THE WAY BACK TO YOUR HEART*.   


In order to *LET IT LOOSE* first you must *SURRENDER*.  Just *SURRENDER PARADISE* for half a second and form a *CONGA* line leading to love and happiness.   From *OUT OF NOWHERE* paradise will become your *DESTINY* again leading you down the *PATH OF THE RIGHT LOVE*.  


It just takes *A LITTLE PUSH* for you to become a much more *EMBRACEABLE YOU*. You'll no longer awaken with a "*GOOD MORNING HEARTACHE*."




You see, *I KNOW YOU TOO WELL*!  When I take control of my *SMILE* no one can *CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE*.


*I SEE YOUR SMILE*, I know you can do it.  *I JUST WANNA BE HAPPY* too. *YOU'VE MADE ME SO VERY HAPPY* before.   Remember, *I AM HERE FOR YOU* and *I WILL ALWAYS NEED YOUR LOVE*.  *I'M NOT GIVING YOU UP*.  *YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND.*  They can't take that away from you and *THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME* either.

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2015, for my sister who couldn't stand Gloria Estefan 

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