"Waiting Around"

by Jeph Johnson


There's no delight 

On the carousel; 

No joy in this 


As one awful night 

This ne'er-do-well 

Destroyed his 

Own fairground


He placed his hope 

In her nubile allure: 

Arms wrapped 'round, 

Face to his chest

But this disgraced 

Trope prematurely 

Foiled further requests


Yes he bailed on life 

When she drifted away. 

Fate was his fall guy

His failings rife 

With swift decay, 

So he waits around to die


This vagabond 

Rambles on, 

Wandering wistfully 

Down below her

His listless drifting 

Continues on 

And is all he 

Could bestow her


Instead she fled 

To another bed 

Where she may 

Now rest in peace

Yes less alive, 

But finally dead to

The former's tragedies


'Twas with angel wings 

With edges turned 

Upward did she fly 

She severed ties 

While their bridges burned, 

This is why he wants to die

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