"Unpopular Pop"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Those who are woke are often provoked by my progressive thought provocation. You see my intellect is politically incorrect and involves uncultured appropriation of unpopular pop that flips when it flops and trips up without any drugs.


These "Awakened" embrace my disgrace to my face without even offering hugs. Cliques who declare untruths while embarrassingly fingerprinting my gloves; unaware their glaring silence is violence I suffer amidst their erring shrugs.


I'm pro-choice on abortion but pro-life in proportion to how many lives are unloved. I'm righteous to dare but wrong not to care and proverbially pronoun aware. Pathetically unsympathetic to empathy that doesn't fit my aesthetic.


I believe the victim unless she tricked them into believing his burden to bear is rape; when yet, all it was, was regret; then I don't really want to be there... while my feelings get jilted and they proclaim "guilty"; my innocence ignored by their stares.


Yes I'm a daddy with no kids with the quotes I promote; pondering sadly my shoulda dids, instead of my shoulda don'ts

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