"She's the Ripper"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by Rex Songs


We're in for surprise,

We're in for a shock!

O'er congressional seats

Blasting hot air for talk

When your State of the Union

Address is so whack

Speaker Slash!


She's silent when he's "speeching"

Promising a new border wall

We cheer when they're freaking

Out at her "protocol."


We all need the cunning

Representative slash

Of "The Ripper"!


The House shakes with fear

Knowing acquittal's near

The Senate's sly and they're shameless

Ruthless not blameless

The Dems have "The Ripper"

And Adam Schiff - now there's Mitt!


The unscrupulous deals

GOP Senators conceal

Underneath a dark tent

Is where dark money's spent

Donald's nasty and vile

But they won't hold a fair trial

No new witnesses in sight!

No more doing what's right!


Nancy Pelosi

You've got our back

She's the ripper!

The ripper!

The ripper!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2020, Apologies and advanced thanks to Judas Priest

No apologies to the Republican party.


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