DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO  


She had parched eyes 

So far removed 

From the threat of 

Relationship tears

One wonders 

If merely 

A solitary drop 

Of Visine

Could replicate 

The forlorn intricacies 

Of romantic separation.  


My comb-toothed fingers 

Pulled her head back 

By the base of her braids. 

Unable to escape, 

Vice clamped to the nape, 

She probably just 

Wanted to spit on me. 


Instead her thirsty lips 

Produced a paltry puff 

Of condescension 

That I promptly devoured 

With a tongue probing kiss.  


The left side of her face bled 

With latent lipstick liquidity 

Summoning the smirk 

Of Batman's arch nemesis. 

The right side was painted 

Equally red 

With a Jack of Hearts cameo.  

Her stiff pink nipples 

Pushed her slippery breasts 

Away from the rest 

Of her brassiere. 

It slid off her writhing body.  

Her mascara, not yet running, 

Was jogging at a brisk pace.  

I held the flogger 

Up like a pirate 

And she said I looked like 

The Skipper 

On Gilligan's Island.   


*"Why I Oughta"*


Laughter was now overflowing

From where her smile started.  

These unexpected tears 

Are just as salty.  

And still produce 

The same response 



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