What Was I Thinking?


I have had all these
Naysayers telling me
That you were no good
That I should just set you free

And I have always said
To each and every one of them
That they were wrong
That they didn’t know him

But here it is a fucking week
Has passed and no word
Not from you, and now
I am starting to think how absurd

How dumb was I to think
That you would leave her
And come back to me; well the love
Is still here but beginning to wither

Now I am feeling like a dumb ass
For believing what we had was real
Its getting to a point where my feelings,
Back from you, I have to steal

I think that in a few more days
I’m gonna have to leave you
Right where you wanted to be
Yea, with her, you know its true

Now, I’m starting to think
What’s wrong with me
But I know in reality
Its what’s wrong with you, can’t you see?

You hurt me, you have been causing
This pain, ever since you started
Seeing her without asking me first
But can’t you see, that’s where we parted

No, not at first but as of now
You are going to have a lot
Of ass kissing to get me to come back
Because you have me in a hell of a spot

Written on
October 26, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This, again, was another poem about Tom ___. I hate to say it, but you were all right. I should have just droped him in the first place. I know I shouldn't give him more time, but I will. Just because he's got 'me in a hell of a spot.' So I will give him more time, but even I dont think I should, but I will.

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