You know I am

Brain dead

With a heart

That’s as heavy as lead


I can’t talk

To anyone

Or have any

Sort of fun


I can’t think for myself

And am getting fat

But I am told

I can get a tat


So who’s crazy now?

Me who wants to think

For myself? Or you for trying

To keep me on this brink?


Holding me back and down

Scared that if I do think

For myself I will

Know everything and sink


Right into that hell

That you’ve always feared

That my life will be

From your life, seared


So I know that its not

Me you’re trying to protect

No not at all, it never really was

Its me you’re trying to deflect



Written on

January 18, 2011 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about my parents. How they are trying to keep me from everything, and my feelings toward this. I never did get that tat by the way. Because even though I wanted it, I didnt get it because a friend of mine said no.

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