With my hands

I express caring thoughts of you.

Selflessly and devoted

With my tongue

In the past ... In my dreams.

Looking at and touching your thighs

Dreaming of licking ... kissing

The beautiful place between your thighs.


This is where I am free.

At this paradise

I can show you how much I adore you.

When my hands

Visit the strong border of your breasts.

I craved healing your lips with mine

Once again ... like old times.

While my hands

Assured your breasts of all the love

I had to offer.

Your precious body ... A diamond

Much like your soul.

If I were to polish it long enough

Would you flow like a stream?

Would I ever get a drink from

This magic stream again?

I wish a sip more than attaining

All the gold in the world.

It is only your water which makes me

Feel alive.

Each time my hands touch you

I think of love.

This is what I'm sending.

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