Wake Up Call

In the ending of a dream,

your touch that always draws forth a sweet nectar,

finds me wet and warm.

It's your fingers that bring me to a blissful awakening as

they expertly and slowly open the quivering lips.

From the very bottom where the lips meet,

a soft tongue spreads the flowing liquid and travels toward

a throbbing bud that has escape from the safety of it's hood.

A delicate pink standing out in a sea of dark curling hair, that is

studded with pink dew.

Reaching this point of pleasure, I savor the waves that pull me under

and drown me in heat.

And while you rub and tease me into a frenzy,

my hands grasp the covers and you grasp my flushed cheeks so

that you could get closer to the fervor.

With shaking legs and a delicious sigh,

my release is exquisite.

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