It hurts so bad

Love And Hate

It hurts to know that the guy you love so dearly

is in love with another

It seems so weird that the person he's in love with

is his ex-lover.

He tells me he's forgotten all about her

and she doesn't mean a thing

I know deep in my heart she is his Queen

and he is her King

He tells me he cares about me

and she and he aren't together

I'm stupid enough to believe what he says forever

I understand in their relationship

they were together four years

Did that stop him

from loving me and bringing me near?

It hurt so bad to know

that the guy I was falling in love with

Cared for his ex-girlfriend

more than he cared for me

I stayed in my room and cried

and wished the attention

And care he was giving her

would be me

I was jealous and hurt in his decision

to make sure she was all right

I laid down and looked out my window

to make my wish

On the star that was so bright

Hoping and waiting the wish I had made

would come true soon

I couldn't see him......

I couldn't hear him...

Until I realized

He was gone forever,

and the sky had fallen on the moon

Everyone told me I should have broken up with him

a long time back

I didn't listen to anyone,

until I noticed the guy I was loving

And caring for, never cared back

I gave him everything important

I held within me,

including the stars, moon, and sun

When I opened my eyes

and saw what he really was

I knew our relationship was done

I guess it's over and I have to find a person

who will treat me right

One who will love me in a way

that no one has done before

WOW, it will be a beautiful sight...

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