Love And Hate

I feel the tears rolling down,

why does my face always seems to frown.

In my heart i'm always crying,

in my mind i feel like i'm dying.

Why does sadness shine down on me?

I ask god that question every night on my knees.

Why are my eyes always bloodshot and red?

It's because i am crying from what people said.

Sometimes i feel dying is the key,

so everyone could be sorry, and i could be free.

I want the hurt to leave my soul,

but sadness makes me whole.

Sadness is in my blood, my heart and eyes,

it won't let me escape from all the sighs.

I wish my tears would go away,

and happiness would come to stay.

My world is always quiet and hushed.

Soon my body will be completely crushed.

Please I ask, pray for someone like me,

so my prayers will be answered, and i can be free.

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