I must not tell you everything

with a slip of the tongue

nor a glance in my eyes,

but I will tell you this:

He gently inclined me backwards,

putting a soft pillow under my ass,

spreading my legs wide,

and brought my cunny to his lips.

I gasped with excited expectation

and lifted myself to meet him halfway.

The longing gap of love spilled over

as the dart of fire rushed to meet me.

A delightful languor lingered in my eyes

as I forced him closer with my hands.

I wrapped my legs around his head

to receive his lascivious tongue inside of me.

I twisted myself around, holding his ass,

my face directly beneath his throbbing cock.

He was pulsating and hard and rigid

as my tongue probed him, sucking him in.

We spent a most delicious afternoon

enjoying the richest ecstasies of love;

and though I really can't tell you everything,

I will tell you this:

We were bound to one another;

and the double pleasure of it all

produced such convulsions of fruition

that I was forced to drink his pearly liquid.

I simply couldn't get away.

Please don't tell anyone.

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