While Watching The News

N. A. T. O. accidentally killed

Innocent civilians today

I placed my hand on his knee

Lara made three hundred runs

Headhunters in Borneo

Stuck fifty skulls on pikes

His hand snaked under my shirt

Natasha wants food exempt from G. S. T.

'And after the break,' said he on T. V.

We'll see a motorbike under a truck

I removed his leather belt,

Some guys rode in a Nissan to Oodnadatta

While our clothes were shed

A teddy bear with some peanut butter

Had an arm and eye fall off

I don't know why, the sound was down

We fell off the couch

The Broncos lost another match

A cyclone hit Exmouth

A gas plant blew up

We cried out as it happened

Then we sat and watched the weather forecast

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