A broken heart can shatter one's soul

Leaving one lost, with no where to go

Days of confusion, and nights of loneliness

Where the silence is too loud, and mind is reminiscent  

Thoughts of your loved one, no longer in your arms

Wanting them there with you, but no longer are.

You think of all the what if's and can's

Still you can't feel the touch of their hand

Wanting them so, wanting them near

All that you'd expect, will never appear

How can I handle this; how can I fight this

When you think it's over, it comes back in an instance

The pain of hurt, and the pain of not being loved

Seems like a day, of two parted doves

Just when you thought this is the one

Your strings are untied with feelings undone.

Left in the desert, left in the night

You try to be strong but break down and cry.

This is my broken heart, beaten and scarred from love

Now I am holding on, through the strings of faith from above

One day I will move on, knowing it is not easy

Until then, a broken heart lies within me.

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