A Hurricane called katrina

What had been predicted had now immerged

Pontchartrain rising and racing in surge

Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast

Mayor C Ray Nagin asked the country to pray in the Holy Ghost

New Orleans paralysed with shock n awe

Images of hundreds, mostly black and poor

“The levee broke!” He shouted

“This FEM-A joke man” he touted

A city of soulful writers and artists who sang the blues

Thousands waiting were not amused

Dead people floating facedown in the mire

The people had left who used to sing in the choir

Only despair chaos and doom flooded into their front room

Descended like a black cloud rushing in from the Gulf at noon

Left behind were the poor who couldn’t get out

Together with gang members and predators with clout

The president flying above the clouds in Air Force One

Peering out his port hole at every One

Day after day images flooded our screens

Exhausted families, crying children with wailing screams

It was awful sight with people stepping around corpses while they begged in steamy heat and stench of dead

The city, known for its “Cities of  the dead” was now in terrible dread

Why isn’t anyone helping in our time of need?

Everyone stealing, looting in their greed

Where is the water they cried... the water is polluted stagnant and grey

Where is the National Guard...  the  guard on duty in another gulf far away

Where are the buses some chide...  the buses waterlogged in their bay

Where is America when we need her the most we pray

Some policemen broke under the strain, losing their homes and all they had

Turned in their badges in crises and chaos, so very sad

Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco seemed uncertain and sluggish

With the city piling up in so much rubbish

The lack of rapid response left Americans wondering who to blame?!

Some say the president, some say the mayor, some say FEMA and good ole Brownie again!

The American south looked more like a matchstick house blown over by a giant

A day when Katrina was so defiant

The suffering all along the Gulf Coast, where homes and whole islands vanished from view

All that was predicted was now startlingly true

For most of us will never for get the images of thousands of people trapped, mostly black and poor, in the shadow of the Super dome

Rescue crews plucking hundreds of people off rooftops and delivering them to the landing zone

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