Shopping malls,

     amusement parks.



      county fairs,

   all the excite,

   At night, the lights.

  All the joys for all the girls and boys.

   Big and small. 



  Offce towers, the power.

  Malls, the people all


 Pizza shops

  Malls are where we live to shop   


  The big dance

  Evrybody wants a chance.

  all think that it is great

   Everybody see wants a date.

    Watching TV.

   Nobody wants see to be home alone


   The cities all looked the same.

       It can drive you insane.


  Video arcades, where the games are played

    Small towns, big cities

   they all look so pretty

  seeing the sights,

  day or night

   inrerstates cars from different states

  games in the car

  trying not to go inssne          

             I can see, everybody, is a lot like me.

 We took a vacation, drove all the way across the nation.

  I saw this land, now I truly understand.


   Baseball, little league


                 Science fairs.

                 Spelling bees.

                It's a quest to be the best.

              I want to win, want to grin. 

        That would really make me head spin.

          Want the prize.

          Want the trophy 

   In my room with me.

                 School's out at 3.

                     I'm free

                     School projects Libraries


    Carrying these books weigh a ton.

                I need to get it done, my mom does say

             Then I can have fun and play


  School bus, home by 3, me

                TV  homework dome, fun 



    School starts at 8 or 9

   All children want to be on time

     Nobody see, be late. 

    Wheel of fortune, jeopardy

       Same as home

  so, Im not alone.

      food ice cream. milk pb and j,   

  Same food is moee than ok.

                Shopping malls.

                Bingo halls.

                City lights.  Seeing the sights

               Date nights.

                Department stores, sports scores

                  Basketball, football, hockey.

                America from sea to sea.


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