MAYO CLINC

                          The people I get to know.

                          They help me understand; take me hand.

                          They are around, to be found, all day, and all night.

                         They never out of sight.  They never go away.


                           Afternoons, I can take a nap.  

                           I can lie in my bed.

                           Try to get the hallucinations out of my head.

                            I can see watch TV, or look at a book


                           This wont end soon.

                         Wheels on the linolium floor.

                           There's not a sound.  It's really quiet all around.

                           It's a world away from Mass

                           So, slow does time pass 


                        There's not a lot of joy for this boy.

                         This Minnesota state is not great.

                             All my friends get to play.  

                             Here, I have to stay.


                                Homesick, I do feel.

                               So many days I have been away

                             Weeks times two.

                  I do wonder when this will be through.

                            Two weeks

                          Improvement in my disability, see.

                         I seek 

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