COOKING LOBSTER

                    We buy the lobsters at the store.

                      A feeling of excitement and joy

                          this boy cant ignore.

        We, for the water to boil, wait.

                                     I hate.


                       Mom puts the lobsters in the pot.

                          I really love this, a lot.

                      They squirm like worms

  Trying to escape.   Will they get out of the pot?  

                       They will not.


                    Thry cry.

               I ask why, and mom says

  they don'r want to die.


     They soon stop.


              As they cook, I love to take a look.

             They turn red from their tail to their head.


           They are soon done!

   This is so much fun!

   They are great to eat, a real treat.

                    A snack






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