I don't want to be see,
a member of this crew.
No, something different is what
I want to do.
Freight, not great, a job I hate

A long time on the ocean.
There is too much motion.
A long time on the sea.
No, this is not the job for me.
This sea of blue. I am a long way away from you.

A job that is too rough.
A job that is too tough.
A job with not a lot of pay.
There must be a better way.

Too long away from home,
Too long being alone.
Too long away from my wife.
I need a better life

Too much rolling and rocking.
There's not not a lot talking.
There is nothing to do.
But view, the sea of blue,

A lot of up. A lot of down.
Getting tossed around.
Getting lost. Hoping to get found.

A long time away from shore.
A lot I must endure.

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