She sits on the porch deck.
To see, what her grandchildren are doing, she does check.
She sits in the porch swing.
They all like to sing.

She watches them play.
On the deck, is where they like to stay.
In the season of spring, the month of May
Her grandgirl. Her grandboy.
She watches as they play with their toys.
Stories, them she does tell. They think she's swell.
She knows the old stories.
She does see, how they have been passed down the family tree.
She sings the old songs. She has known them for so long.
She tells them of trips she took. She to them, reads a book.

At night, the lights are bright
They all watch with their eyes, as the sky turns from day to night
Grandma, full of wisdom and wise.
So, many, many, things have been seen with her eyes.

There is so much that she does know. She has watched her children grow.
She has watched them get strong. She has watched them in life move along.
She has moved along in life. She has watched them find husband and wife.
There is so much that she does know.
She watches her family grow.

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