You get older.
The weather gets colder.
Turning are the seasons.
Everything's changing.
The reasons are not clear. You can have a lot of fear.
Over is childhood. Things are'nt good.
A childhood friend's life suddenly does end.
You did grow up with this guy, it makes you cry
Why, you don't know

The girl you thought you were going to marry, merries besides you.
It makes you blue.
You have to make a living and a life.
The job you thought would be a dream, you want, but so do
a million others
It makes you scream.

A fact you can't ignore.
There are so many more doors to try.
There are so many roads you could take. So easy to make a mistake.
There are so many more ways to cry.
Not all roads lead home. You are more likely, alone.
All the childhood dreams you had,
they make you mad, they make you sad.

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