These sounds as I lay in bed the thoughts through my head.
They are loud sound.
They can be heard all around.
Their engines give a load roar. It's hard to ignore.
T They seem close enogh to touch. A ticket costs so much.They going all over the world.
Exciting stories to be told.
These are my thoughts. Do I like them, I do not Where do they go? I don;t know.
They are going east, south, west. Yes, they are going to places, spaces, the best; Happy, excited faces
They are going to other continents, countries, cities.
I wish they would take me. I would love to go too. I can;t
It makes me blue. Something I can't do
People going to play and to on vacation stay.
In this neighborhood, I must stay
These big planes, I can;t afford to board
; I know, all I can do, is watch them go

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