I'm on my knees.

   I'm saying please.

   I hate to be alone.

   Please bring me home.

   I'm sorry for what I have done.

   Please give me another chance.

   Another dance.

   Another try.

   I no more want to cry.

   Feel as if I want to die.

   You were my whole world,

  a wonderful story told.

  All the things we were to do.

  Now, I just sit here and think of you.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I'm not sure if this is meant for me or someone else. In any case if it is for me. I'm hoping your realization of the things you did were wrong will help you with your future friendships. If not for me then my apologies for thinking that might be the case.It just sounds like it might be directed to me.

heatherburns35's picture

sweet poem chris....nicely written.....