At the children's museum,

          the children play.

          They love to stay all day.


         The pier.  Its so great to be here.  

        The mall.  I look at them all.

        The stores, all the people like to explore.

        The maze.  People get lost and found.    

        They look around.

          The pier.  Its so great to be here.

   I see with my eye, all the people passing by

          Being at the lake is not a mistake


            The spinning ferris wheel.

              Happiness we all feel.

              The rides see, there are three.

    One ride goes around and around.

                The rides at night.

               Lights are bright.  An amazing sight.

         I can see the city so pretty.

       The pier.  Its so great to be here.

        There's so much to see.  So much to do.

            You'll never be through.

         Leaving's the only thing you wont want to do.


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