Nobody came to see me today.

            In this place, for life, I'm required to stay.

                              I lost my wife.

                         It's the same thing every day.

                        The same thing every week.

                          It's the same.  You can go insane.

                     There's nothing to do.

                       Nothing to see, there's not a TV.

             I got nothing to read, a major problem indeed.

Not will I be sprung.  I've heard some people themselves hung.

          These bars.  They keep me, from everything so far.

           You can lose your mind, during this grind.

Your way you'll never find.  You'll be blind.

   You'll lose your way, when in here for life you stay.

    Is it night or day, you won't know, when here you go.

         You'll fprget the date, here it's not great.

           Minutes, hours, days, see, an eternity.


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