She's lying in her bed.

                          What thoughts go through her head.

          She would surely love to be somewhere else instead.

                        She's all alone in the nursing home.

                  She's all alone here.  She has a lot of fear.

      You can see it on her face, she wants out of this place.

She did not have a choice.  She did not have a voice.

         She did not have a say.  

This place, for the rest of her life, she must stay,

    Not a nice surprise.  

She can't get out, no matter how hard she tries.

     They took her in a car away very far.

     Her family dropped her one day, then they ran away.

            She has nobody with whom to spend the day

         A night that never ends.  She wishes she had friends.

            There's nobody who understands.  

There's nobody who takes her hand.

                      When she needs help, she calls the aide.

                   So little they are paid.

                      They're not there.  They don't care.

          She does call.  But, they're never there at all.

               Sometimes, she cries.  She prays.  

She wonders why in this place, in this space, she must stay.

           She thinks on her life, a mother, a housewife.  

A time of happiness.  A time of joy.

      A mother, a father, a girl a boy.  A group of friends.  The good times had no end.

       It seems like so long ago  

       Family see, only comes by once a month or so.  

             An hour they stay, then, say goodbye and go.

                    Is this ever going to change,




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