I see, that it's true,
  you're not gonna call me.   
  Ok.  That will not bring any joy to this boy.
  I'm not gonna cry.  I'm not gonna let a tear fall from my eye.
  This is fine.
  My dear former friend of me.
  You're not going to call me on the phone in my home.
  You're just going to leave me all alone.
  This is fine.  My dear former friend of me.
   If that's that the way you want play.
  That, see, with me, is totally ok.
  We see, can play this game.
            A game insane.
    A game for one or two.
  I will not finish before you.
 You see, will not be done before me.
  I won't call you, it's true.
     No, that is not what I will do.
        I'll wait as long as it takes.
No, see, its not a mistake for me.
I'm not gonna cave.  
No matter it's true, how much you rant and rave.
I'm not going to give in.
  You will not win,
  I won't make you grin.
     Not a word will be spoken.
  A silence not broken.
  I don't care.
  I confess, I don't see this as
a mess.
 This is true.
This is what you decided to do.
  Are we through?
  Are we break up?
  Will me make up?
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