He was tired of being alone, so he walked to her home.

   To her home he did walk.  He, see, with her wanted to talk.

       Would she be home?  Would she open the door?

  There was fear.  Would he be standing there alone.

  On the door he did knock.  He, with her, wanted to talk.

  She seemed to see him, shocked.   

   He knew what he wanted to say, and wanted to say it in a special way.

   He felt his heart in his chest.  She was really the best.

  I want you to see, you're the one for me.

 And it's true, Im the one for you.

  He wanted her in his life, wanted her as his wife.

            A impossible to ignore sound getting loud.

   He, loving her, had never stopped 

            She was coming to the door.

   The feeling of anticipate was great.


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