I'm battered.  I'm bruised.
Oh, so many battles, I did lose.
Old soldier.
A fact I can't ignore.
This is a long, long, war.
War so, so, long.
Impossible see, for me to be strong.
So long so.
I want to go home.
The answer is no.
Old soldier.
I've dealt with fire and rain.
I've dealt with all kinds of pain.
Too much time on the line.
No, see, with me, this ain't fine.
I've gotten too old.
My story's been told.
Old soldier.
I didnt think it would be fun.
Thought, soon it would be done.
I thought it would be ok.
I thought it would be alright.
I would get through the night.
Old soldier.
I thought it would be done soon, though.
Home, I could go.
See, the way things used to be.
Old soldier.
The pain would cease.
There would finally, finally, be peace.
The rest o my life.
Even though, there is see, 
no wife for me.
Old soldier.
Old soldier.
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