I hope you see,
just want you to
be friends with me.
Sure as the sky is blue,
I just want to be friends with you.
My word, I hope you've heard.
This message, I hope you won't ignore. 
Friends and nothing more.  
Beyond that, we can shut the door.
My feelings I'm not going to hide.
Don't want you as my bride.
I'm not gonna get down on my knee.
Not going to ask you to marry me.
Dont want to bring you home
Just want to stay in that zone.
Don't want to meet your mom and dad.
That would not made me glad.
Don't want to meet your family.
See, that would not be for me.
We can have so much fun; we never have to be done.
It's true, there's so much we can do, me and you.
We never have to be through.
Me and you.
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