Sand bar.
Unless you do go, you really don't know.
You don't understand her strip of sand,
until she has taken your hand.
When her hand, she does take.
You know, to go there is not
a mistake.
When the tide is low,
is the only time you can go.
It is not there for too long.
Soon, in comes the tide.
Underneath it,
she does hide.
It, from the beach is far.
It, from the beach, is out of reach.
It is out of reach of the beach.
It is far from the shore.
The sand bar, I love to explore.
You can only get there by boat.
Too bad, you can't just float.
Where is the sandbar?
You have to know where to go. 
The water next to it does go
really quick from shallow to deep.
The depth really, really, does grow.
The drop is really, really, steep.
There, I love to swim.
The sandbar is fun.
I never want to be done.
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